Mike Curtis World Music




Composer and  Author



"Mike Curtis is at the forefront of composers who take world music as their inspiration for compositions." Prof. Nicholas Morrison, Utah State University

"Mike Curtis has built a solid reputation with his fine jazz and ethnic compositions and arrangements...fun compositions to prepare and a treat for the audience as well." Dr. Jon Beebe, THE DOUBLE REED, Oct. 2000

"Anything by Mike Curtis is stellar."  Prof. Michelle Gingras, "I Want to Play Klezmer, So Where is the Music? "-Clarinet and Saxophone, Summer 2006 (U.K.)
Mexican, Klezmer, Tango, Jazz, Chinese, Bulgarian, Impish! - Mike Curtis absorbs that crazy wonderful musical world out there and brings it home to you. With his arrangements, compositions, books and CD's, this talented composer and author offers duos, trios, quartets, quintets, and orchestras all kinds of new global options. Check out his new books, watch great groups play, and savor the spice of new sounds and places!
 Check out Mike's New Book: El Pescador